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... Merging culture, family, and the story of diaspora.


...Threading the comfort and complexities of the flavors of home, as well as the restaurant kitchens my parents owned when I was a child, offered me a lifetime of appreciation for a land I knew through heritage. The flavors and feelings represented here pay homage to my experience growing up as a first generation American.

I look forward to welcoming you on my journey of remembrance and reclamation. 


...Starting with our concepts staple - chicken inspired by musakhan, the national dish of Palestine, and the world famous rotisserie chickens that are served in the

West Bank. Our Shababi chicken is brined for 24 hours before being coated with our blended mix of allspice, sumac, cumin, fenugreek, and cardamom.

Each chicken is slow cooked to perfection and served with our Shabibi taboon.

Beckon the call "Yalla Shabai" to your people and have them join you for this Palestinian inspired feast!


Shababi is Arabic for “my people”. Whether it’s an auntie using it to call all of the kids for musakhan dinner, or baba gathering his group of friends to play backgammon- Shababi evokes the sense of community and flavors that stuck out in youthful memories.

Sincerely, Marcelle

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